Training Techniques Development (TTD)

What is the Training Techniques Development programme?People 1st

  • This is a training and assessment programme which licenses you to deliver the People 1st Group Training Certificate (GTC) programme within your organisation and issue nationally recognised certificates to successful delegates.
  • You must have attended; passed and have a thorough understanding of the Group Training Certificate before starting this programme.

The Training Techniques Development Programme

  • The aim of the programme is to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the Group Training Certificate (GTC) course in line with the People 1st required standards for licensed tutors.
  • The coaching for the Training Techniques Development programme is 2-3 days (dependent on your experience), followed by a 3-day on-site assessment 4 to 6 weeks later, where a People 1st consultant will assess you delivering a Group Training Certificate (GTC) programme. You will receive coaching and feedback on your delivery and assessment skills.
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