Training Practice and Assessment (TPA)

What is the Training Practice and Assessment programme?People 1st

  • This is a training and assessment programme which licenses you to deliver the People 1st Practical Training Certificate (PTC) programme within your organisation and issue nationally recognised certificates to successful delegates.
  • You must have attended; passed and have a thorough understanding of the Practical Training Certificate programme before starting this programme.

The Training Practice and Assessment Programme

  • The aim is to acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the Practical Training Certificate (PTC) course in line with the People 1st required standards for licensed tutors.
  • The coaching for the Training Practice and Assessment programme is 2-3 days (dependent on your experience), followed by a 3-day on-site assessment 4 – 6 weeks later, where a People 1st consultant will assess you delivering a Practical Training Certificate programme. You will receive coaching and feedback on your delivery and assessment skills.
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