Time Management Skills

A one day time management skills training course designed for individuals wishing to take more control over the way they spend their time.

How will it benefit you?

The course will provide individuals with the tools and techniques to manage their time more effectively, and feel more in control of the way they spend their time.

It will also enable individuals to identify areas of work where time could be better spent, and the actions necessary to alleviate problems identified.

One-Day Course Content

  • Identifying your greatest time stealers
  • Principles for planning your workload and managing yourself
  • Identifying and managing your peak physiological performance time
  • Saying ‘no’ assertively and negotiating a solution
  • Planning and prioritising workload
  • Delegating tasks
  • Managing paperwork and your work area
  • Managing daily communciation and interruptions
  • Solutions for managing your greatest time stealers

Course Style

The Time Management Skills course is an interactive programme. We use exercises, discussion, self-assessment and group work as the basis for the learning.

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More Infomation

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