Dealing with Difficult Behaviour

A one-day Dealing with Difficult Behaviour course.

Who is it designed for?

The Dealing with Difficult Behaviour course is designed for individuals wishing to acquire an insight into why people behave in difficult ways, and to develop strategies and techniques to deal with difficult people and behaviour at work.

How will it benefit you?

By the end of the programme you will have:

  • understood a range of different factors that cause difficult behaviour
  • a toolkit of different techniques you can draw on in order to handle any given difficult situation
  • an individual strategy for dealing with any current instances of difficult behaviour you are experiencing
  • had the opportunity to put your new skills into practice and gained some feedback

One Day Course Content

  • Types and causes of difficult behaviour
  • How to deal with difficult behaviour
  • Modifying behaviour using a situational approach
  • Handling and defusing conflict
  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Handling emotional responses to change
  • Skills practice
  • Production of an individual action plan

Course Style

This is an interactive course. We use exercises, discussion, self-assessment and group work as the basis for the learning.



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More Infomation

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