Belbin Team Building Workshop

This one-day Belbin Team Building Workshop will provide each team member with an appreciation of their own and others preferred team roles, and how they best like to contribute to the overall team efforts. This will enable the team to work more effectively together.

Who is it designed for?

The Belbin Team Building Workshop is for any team who requires a deeper understanding of each other, and their preferred roles.

How will it benefit you?

This Belbin Team Building Workshop will provide team members with a better understanding of each other, and their roles within a team. Team members will be able to solve problems, utilising all team members to achieve the most effective result and act as one team, and work more closely together.

One Day Course Content

  • Defining teamwork
  • Understanding the characteristics of Belbin Team Roles
  • Appreciating Team Role dynamics
  • Utilising Belbin Team Roles within the team
  • Application of learning

Course Style

This is an interactive course. We use exercises, discussion, self-assessment and group work as the basis for the learning.


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More Infomation

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